A woman from North Carolina was rushed to the ICU after she inadvertently contracted a flesh-eating bacteria. The woman was swimming at Myrtle Beach and had to be airlifted to the hospital. The victim is Bonita Fetterman and her daughter shared the ordeal via a Facebook post on July 30.

What transpired?

The Facebook post by Marsha Barnes Beal, the woman’s daughter, pleaded with people to pray for her mother Bonita who was airlifted to Chapel Hill hospital on the same day and was in the ICU. She is said to be attached to breathing machines to help her breathe after being heavily sedated.

Beal mentioned in her post that her mother came into contact with flesh-eating bacteria after dipping her feet in the water at Myrtle Beach, which is a very famous tourist destination. She mentioned that surgery is the only option for her mother to get rid of the life-threatening bacteria and to stop it from spreading to other parts of her body.

The post has been shared 45,000 times on Facebook and has concerned the people about visiting Myrtle Beach as it is a famous tourist spot.

Myrtle Beach City government has received no official reports

Myrtle Beach City Government’s official Facebook page posted that they get the waters of the beach tested at least twice a day. They affirmed that no such component or bacteria was found in the water.

The officials asserted that they have not received any reports or news from any sources except for the Facebook post by the victim’s daughter. They also persuaded the family - who are residents of North Carolina - to give them the exact location or any other details. This would help the officials run tests to determine the existence of any such flesh-eating bacteria in the water.

How did the whole incident take place?

Bonita Fetterman is a resident of North Carolina and was on a holiday with her family when she was detected with a full blown case of flesh-eating bacteria on her leg. She had earlier cut her leg from one of the chairs in the hotel where the family was staying. The wound seemed like it needed no tending and, therefore, Fetterman went and spent the whole day at Myrtle Beach, soaking in the water.

She did not know that the wound would attract flesh-eating bacteria, which would end up sending her to the ICU. A picture of her leg was also added to the Facebook post uploaded by her daughter. The wound looks grotesque and Fetterman is said to be receiving the necessary treatment for it. She is now believed to be in a more stable condition.

Marsha shared on Facebook that officials have asked her to edit her Facebook post and clarify that her mother already had an open wound.