Leopoldo López and Antonio Ledezma had been under house arrest, but, according to their close relatives' tweets, they have been taken away from their houses. One of their relatives blamed Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro for everything which goes on with the two men, who are the leaders of the Venezuelan opposition.

How did it happen?

"12:27 in the morning: the moment when the dictatorship kidnaps Leopoldo at my house," tweeted López’s wife, Lilian Tintori, sharing the video of his kidnapping. Vanessa Ledezma shared a similar video about Antonio Ledezma.

There is no information who and where took them away, but they both were driven away in a vehicle with the mark “SEBIN,” which is an abbreviation for the intelligence service in Venezuela. Lawyer Juan Gutierrez wrote on Twitter that “there is no legal justification to revoke the House Arrest measure”.

In the middle of July, López and Ledezma urged Venezuela citizens to continue protests about the last poll and go against President Maduro. The opposition boycotted the voting process. In the world, their actions were admitted as the assault on democratic freedoms. Lopez's words that President and his inner circle are a “very clear threat” for the Venezuelan people were recorded on a video.

In February 2014, governmental officials accused Lopez of being responsible for the death of three people during an anti-government protest.

In 2015 he got 14 years in prison, but since July had been under house arrest following three years in prison. Ledezma protested the political tactics of ex-President Hugo Chavez. Ledezma had been taken to house arrest since 2015.

The details of the voting process

According to the opinion polls, 85% of Venezuelans were against the constitutional assembly and Maduro's overall performance.

As Venezuela's National Electoral Council started, 8,089,320 people voted on Sunday. Many countries from the European Union criticized this voting process, but Maduro claimed that there were some countries who supported and congratulated him. The voting result means that the ruling party won.The situation in Venezuela is not bright: oil prices go down, corruption rate grows, inflation and homicide rates are the highest in the world.

Food supply and medical care are on the low level.

President Maduro announced that the new assembly will start its ruling less than in a week. He intends to use the assembly's powers to prevent any actions of the opposition candidates in December. His aim is to negotiate with them.The constituent assembly has the need for rewriting the country's constitution and will control other state institutions.