During President Donald Trump tour through the Middle East and Europe, in May, one of the stops was highly coveted by the, then, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer: the Vatican. As a Catholic devotee, he was really interested in visiting the Argentine Pope Francis in the tiny city-state. But he was not allowed to take part in the presidential delegation that was received by the leader of the Catholics.

On Tuesday, over one month after leaving the White House, Spicer finally had the opportunity to meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican. According to America, a Catholic publication, he was among a group of politicians from the U.S., and other countries, who attended a meeting of the International Network of Catholic Politicians.

The Vatican Radio published a photo on its Facebook profile in which it is possible to see Spicer, in a room with several other people, using his cell phone to take pictures of the pope. The L’osservatore Romano (Vatican’s official newspaper) also published pictures of Spicer, in which he can be seen greeting the pope in a private audience.

The gathering

According to America, the Pope addressed directly the attendees of the gathering. In a short lecture, he said that politicians should try to build bridges instead of walls, something that become one of his refrains. In addition, according to the publication, Pope Francis talked about the important contribution the church can give to the discussion of great questions of our time, and the commitment that it must have with its moral values.

Only the family

President Trump, and First Lady Melania, were pictured strolling at the Vatican, visiting historical sites like the Sistine Chapel. After having a private meeting with the Pope, the family had a photo taken with the Holy Father. In the photo, besides the President and the First Lady, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jarred Kushner, both women wearing headscarves and long black dresses.

The photo was published in several media outlets all over the world, becoming a symbol of the American leader visit to the Pope, and also of his disdain for the loyal Press Secretary Spicer.

A controversial Trump’s aid

During his time in the White House, Spicer was a ferocious advocate of President Trump, having engaged in several squabbles with journalists only to defend controversial presidential statements.

Even all this dedication was not enough to grant the President’s deference to him, especially when Trump decided to invite the provocative Anthony Scaramucci, who was an avowed foe of Spicer, to take over as the new Communications Director. That really upset Spicer, as he was to have Scaramucci as his new boss. He then decided to resign, leaving his office on July 21st.