One of the most controversial and highest profiled sheriffs in the country, David Clarke, has abruptly announced his resignation. In response, critics have rejoiced on social media and are celebrating Clarke's outing.

Clarke, out

In recent years, several names linked to law enforcement have made headlines, but often for the wrong reasons. For David Clarke, his name has been tied to controversy, as the now former Sheriff of Milwaukee County has been more than outspoken with his own personal political views. Clarke has been a regular on Fox News, usually bashing Democrats and more liberal Americans, slandering the Black Lives Matter movement, Barack Obama, and others.

During the 2016 presidential election, he gave his support to Donald Trump while also speaking at the Republican National Convention. Earlier this year, Clarke announced that he had accepted a job with the Department of Homeland Security, but after allegations of plagiarism followed, the sheriff backed off the position. As reported by the Associated Press on August 31, Clarke is now out as sheriff.

On Thursday afternoon, David Clarke sent in his resignation letter and is no longer the Sheriff of Milwaukee County. As of press time, no reason has since been given for why Clarke decided to step down, but unconfirmed rumors have reported that he could soon be accepting a job in the Donald Trump administration.

Earlier this month, former head of the Department of Homeland Security, John Kelly, left his spot to become Trump's new Chief of Staff, leaving the job vacant.

Twitter reacts

Not long after the news broke that he had resigned from his job as Milwaukee County sheriff, critics on social media were quick to fire back.

"With (sheriff) leaving office, it is unclear who will enforce Milwaukee County law at the bar of the Trump hotel in DC," Ben Jacobs of The Guardian sarcastically tweeted out.

"In the same week david clarke & tomato lahren left triple A for the racism majors," Desus Nice posted.

"It's ok, should any criminal indictments fall David Clarke's way I'm sure Trump has a ready-to-go pardon for him," an additional tweet added. "David Clarke is the Donald Trump of Joe Arpaios," another Twitter user wrote.

"So they gave David Clarke the boot, but is their anyway we could have him cashiered? It'd take twenty minutes to rip all those medals off," yet another tweet read. The backlash against Clarke continued as his future currently remains unknown.