Our names give us a unique identity in the world. Before a baby takes birth much thought goes into the child’s name. However, what would one do, if their Baby Girl is born on the day of the greatest celestial events - the Great American Eclipse? Freedom and Michael Eubanks did not think much and named their new born daughter Eclipse in honor of the celestial phenomena.

Couple give child unusual name

Eclipse Alizabeth Eubanks, was born at 8:04 a.m. on Aug. 21, at the Greenville Memorial Hospital in Greenville in South Carolina. Her delivery took place just hours prior to the moon passing between the sun and Earth on Monday, Aug.

21. Greenville, located in South Carolina, incidentally fell in the path of the solar eclipse. Thus, after baby Eclipse entered the world, darkness descended for a minute or two, during which the citizens of the country witnessed a rare natural phenomenon.

The surprising part of the whole occurrence was that Freedom, Eclipse’s mother, was not due for delivery until Sept. 3. Her mother and father had chosen to name her Violet if she came into the world on the scheduled date. Freedom stated that her newborn baby girl would probably get the nickname Clipsey, from her official name Eclipse. Eclipse’s parents are however delighted by the rare timing of the baby girl to enter the world. Freedom stated during an interview that she is delighted that her daughter was born on a day when a rare event took place.

Other babies born during eclipse

Eclipse was not the only baby to be born on Aug. 21. Apart from her, 11 other babies were also born at the Greenville Memorial Hospital on the day of the event. All the babies were given “Total Solar Eclipse” onesies to celebrate the rare occasion.

Two women also delivered their babies on the day of the eclipse at Washington D.C.’s Medstar Washington Hospital Center.

Apart from them, two more women, China McMiller and Isabelle Willson, also gave birth to their babies - a boy and a girl, respectively - on the day of the solar eclipse. Furthermore, baby girl Charlotte Roel Easterly from Pensacola was reported to enter the world on the exact moment when the totality hit.

Astrologers believe eclipse babies are destined to be great and the birth taking place during the rare event shows a "universal" destiny. However, putting astrology behind, these children will be six years old the next time an eclipse takes place in North America on April 8, 2024.