There’s a broken marriage and a new baby in his life, then Anthony Scaramucci was fired from his brand new job as the White House communications director – and now this. Harvard Law School alumni received the new edition of the directory this week, only to discover that Scaramucci is officially dead. And not just politically dead, either – as in deceased.

Harvard Law School lists Scaramucci as deceased

What a ten day ride the Mooch has had, and this latest news is probably the last straw for the former New York financier. As noted by People, when Harvard alumni started browsing the new edition of the alumni directory they were shocked to see an asterisk next to 53-year-old Scaramucci’s name.

What this means is that not only is he now a member of the great unemployed, but he has reportedly “died” since the last edition was released in 2011.

As reported by The Washington Post, a spokeswoman for Harvard Law has confirmed their unfortunate mistake, saying there was regrettably an error in Scaramucci’s listing in the latest Harvard Law School alumni directory. The spokeswoman then went on to offer their sincere apologies to the Mooch, saying this would be corrected in future editions of the directory. However, for now, he will remain dead in the many copies of the latest edition out there.

Brief tenure in the White House

Scaramucci, a major Republican donor, started as the White House communications director on July 21. In his brief employment he managed to cause controversy on many issues, including his use of foul language when speaking of Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus.

Said language caused the media to seriously question whether they could directly quote the Mooch, as is normal with someone in his position, or whether they should make use of plenty of asterisks to cover the text. The New York Times simply went ahead and quoted him, curse word for curse word.

Then came the appointment of a new Chief of Staff, John Kelly, and it was out with Scaramucci on Monday, when the White House press secretary announced he would be leaving the job.

It was added that Scaramucci had reportedly "felt it best" to give Kelly a “clean slate” to allow him to build his own team.

Late night hosts bid Scaramucci farewell

Late night comedy hosts were no doubt disappointed when he lost the prized position, as the Mooch had given many opportunities to make new comedic quips, especially as their previous “favorite” Sean Spicer had left the stage. Stephen Colbert even sang a moving farewell song to Scaramucci, which can be enjoyed below:

Trevor Noah couldn’t resist bringing up the subject on the "Daily Show."