A total of 12 Inmates from Alabama were able to escape from prison using Peanut Butter. They also managed to get the help of a new guard, who made their escape possible. All of the inmates were recaptured later. The prison is located at the Walker County Jail in Jasper, Alabama and the escape happened on Sunday evening.

How the escape happened

In a report by CNN, Walker County Sheriff Jim Underwood said during a press conference on Monday that these inmates tricked a new guard into opening a door that led outside. The new employee, who was not identified, was working in the control room, with 140 inmates under his watch.

Underwood said that the new guard was weak and the escapees knew about it so they took advantage of that.

Accordingly, the inmates used peanut butter to mimic the cell door number of one of the inmate’s cells. The inmates then asked the new guard to open the door, which the guard believed was indeed an inmate’s cell. Once the guard opened the outside door, all 12 inmates rushed outside.

Sheriff says it was a human error

Underwood acknowledged that the incident was caused by human error and they will not make any excuses about the slip up. However, he said that there are so many evil people in the prison that they “scheme all the time to con us and our employees.” It is unclear if the guard received disciplinary action.

Inmates recaptured hours later

The 12 inmates were able to scale the 15-foot barbed wire fence by using a blanket. Eleven of the 12 inmates were recaptured eight hours from the time that they escaped from prison. Most were found in the Jasper area and some inmates stayed together -- making the manhunt easier.

The twelfth inmate was captured days later.

He was identified as Brady Andrew Kilpatrick. He was found 600 miles from the Jasper area, somewhere in the east coast of South Florida. He was in prison for drug charges, NBC reported. Two more people were arrested with Kilpatrick. Underwood identified them as a man and the man’s girlfriend. They will be charged with aiding and abetting.

The other inmates were identified as Christopher Cole Spain, 18; Johnny Richard Hunter, 26; Kristopher Keith Secrest, 20; Michael Adam McGuff, 30; Quadrekas Latoddrick Key, 21; Steven Blake Lamb, 28; Steven Sanford Hartley, 27; and Timothy Chaz Cooper, 28. Three other inmates were not identified by authorities. Some of the escapees were detained due to murder charges.