A woman pleaded guilty to killing her fiancé by removing the plug of his kayak. She admitted that she did the crime in exchange for a lower charge.

The woman, 37-year-old Angelika Graswald, was initially charged with second-degree murder. If proven guilty, she could receive the maximum sentence of life in prison. Two years after she was charged, she Pleaded Guilty so that she could only be charged with criminally-negligent homicide.

Graswald’s sentencing date set

After pleading guilty in exchange for a lesser charge, Graswald’s sentencing date was set for November 1.

A judge will determine for how long she will be jailed. People said that she could face jail time for 16 months to four years. She has been in jail since 2015 so the time she served will also be credited. Her attorney, Richard Portale, said that his client will most likely be home by December.

Orange County District Attorney, David M. Hoovler, said that the plea ensures the defendant will be held criminally liable for her actions. By pleading guilty, she acknowledged that her fiancé’s death was not an accident.

Details about victim’s death recounted

Forty-six-year-old Vincent Viafore drowned while kayaking on the Hudson River back in April 2015. His body was recovered three weeks later. Graswald removed a drain plug on the top of the kayak, which made it unstable and filled with water.

She also reportedly knew that the locking clip to the kayak of her fiancé was missing. The locking clip was used to hold the kayak together. Graswald also knew that her fiancé did not have a life vest or a wet suit on him when they went on the trip.

It is believed that she wanted him dead in order for her to collect $250,000 in life insurance benefits since she is named as the beneficiary.

Also, investigators said that Graswald was frustrated with her relationship with Viafore because of his interest in pornography and group sex. The video during Graswald’s questioning is expected to be presented in court wherein she concluded that he wanted him dead and now that he is gone she is “fine with it.”

A man named Donald DeQuarto also testified against Graswald saying that she told him during a private conversation that lasted for an hour that she killed Viafore because she wanted to be free and wanted to be herself.

DeQuarto asked why she chose to kill him and not simply break up with him, and she said that he would not be truly gone per her spiritual belief.

Why the case gained the spotlight

The case gained attention because of how Graswald reacted to her fiancé’s death. She called 911 and frantically called for help. Later, she told investigators that it felt good she knew he was going to die.

Days following Viafore’s disappearance at the Hudson River, Graswald acted unusually. She was seen at a local pub singing “Hotel California” and posted selfies on her social media accounts. She also posted a video of herself doing a cartwheel. More than a week after Viafore’s disappearance, she was arrested.