There is a new White House Chief Of Staff. Reince Priebus resigned as the White House Chief of Staff. People in the know are saying that he was forced out by President Donald Trump himself. Political analysts are saying that this is just the latest step of Trump to purge the White House of Republican Party loyalists. The President immediately posted a tweet after Priebus’ resignation, thanking him for the great service he rendered to the country while in office.

Few people were surprised about this resignation in the Trump administration. The Guardian reported that foul-mouthed attacks by newly-appointed communications director Anthony Scaramucci were a big reason for his departure.

The communication director told the press that Priebus would be asked to quit soon. Priebus informed the Wall Street Journal that he tendered his resignation to the President in a private meeting last Thursday.

Trump names John Kelly as replacement

An announcement coming from the oval office named John Kelly as the new White House Chief of Staff (C.O.S.). He was the head of Homeland Security before being appointed to the post. He is aged 67 and a retiree of the Marine Corps. He will assume the position officially today (Monday, July 31). And just like clockwork, Kelly’s appointment was immediately posted by the President on his Twitter account.

Reince Priebus only served as the C.O.S. for six months.

Prior to his resignation, he was accused by communication director Anthony Scaramucci of leaking vital information to the press. This bold accusation was even published by the magazine, The New Yorker. The President also lost confidence in his work after key administration legislation failed to pass by a Republican-dominated congress.

That left him no other option but to tender his resignation.

High praises for the new Chief of Staff

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House Press Secretary, heaped praises on the newly appointed C.O.S. She said that Kelly is one of the administration's true stars and can be compared to no one in this administration. He reduced the influx of illegal immigrants in the country by 70 percent.

The Homeland Security Department has high respect for him and his work there.

Reince Priebus not the first high-ranking cabinet official to resign

The Trump administration has been plagued by resignations. In a matter of six months, Trump has already replaced several key personnel due to resignation. He has already lost a Chief of Staff and Assistant Chief of Staff, a National Security Adviser, a Communications Director, and a Press Secretary. Nobody knows how many more will resign or will be forced to resign. Only time will tell what the answer will be.

Priebus is just the latest key member who resigned from office. Just a week ago, Communications Director Sean Spicer resigned from his post. He was replaced by Anthony Scaramucci. In turn, the Communications Director appointed Sarah Huckabee Sanders as the new White House Press Secretary. Worth noting is that these people are known loyalists of the Republican Party.