The incident happened on Wednesday when the Bakersfield Fire Department attended a House Fire. The firefighters pulled a tiny two-year-old dog from the fire and made every effort to resuscitate the little guy. The fire department posted a video of the rescue on Facebook which went viral, with hundreds of thousands of views.

Little dog in trouble in Bakersfield house fire

When firefighters brought little Jack the dog out of the smoky house he was limp and unresponsive. One firefighter laid him gently on his side on the lawn and went to work on him.

According to the post, the dog had “semi-agonal respirations," which basically means he was having trouble breathing in air and, as can be seen in the video, was only capable of shallow breaths.

Oxygen mask and CPR for the tiny dog

As noted by the Sacramento Bee, Jack’s worried owner stood nearby as firefighters used a “specialized animal oxygen mask” on the dog’s mouth to give him a high flow of oxygen. One of the Bakersfield firefighting heroes also patted and rubbed Jack’s back in a CPR technique. Fortunately, their swift attention worked and Jack came to, breathing normally. Right at the end of the video, the dog’s owner can be seen picking Jack up and carrying him away. The dog then spent time at a veterinary hospital with injuries to his respiratory tract and burns on his paws.

As reported by 23 ABC Bakersfield, Matt Smith, the one responsible for placing Jack on oxygen and giving the little mutt CPR, was interviewed. Smith said it is always good to help someone else and they knew the owner was really worried about Jack, asking them to look for the dog in the smoky home and rescue him.

It was Smith who found Jack whimpering behind a couch in the house and took him out into the fresh air, eventually bringing him back to life. Smith said it is always good when things turn out right, but he never imagined a video of his deeds would go viral worldwide.

Firefighter gets a reunion with Jack at the veterinary hospital

However, that wasn’t the end of it, as Smith was given the chance of a reunion with Jack on Thursday at the Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital. The firefighter met up with Jack and his owner, Jeff Garnett. Garnett was reportedly still wearing the smoky clothes from the day before and was thrilled to meet up with the man who saved his dog. Garnett said he couldn’t thank the firefighters enough for saving Jack, saying if it wasn’t for them, Jack wouldn’t be here today.

Readers can watch the video of Jack’s rescue below.