It happened on Sunday in Long Island, New York, when a golden retriever dog named Storm rescued a deer fawn that had gotten into trouble out in the waters of Long Island Sound. The dog was then joined by a couple of human Good Samaritans after it went back into the water.

Hero dog spots a struggling deer and jumps into the water

Owner Mark Freeley was walking with Storm and his other dog, Sara when it happened. He said he was surprised when Storm jumped into the water and swam after the baby deer. Freeley told CBS News that his dog has always been loyal and caring, but Storm's actions were amazing that day.

He took video footage as his hero dog jumped into the water, swimming out towards the fawn.

Storm then grabbed the baby deer by its neck and swam back to shore, encouraged along the way by Freeley, who can be heard on the video saying “Good boy, Storm.” And a good boy he was indeed. Once Storm got the deer on to dry land, he could be seen on the video to lie down next to the deer, nudging the animal with his paw to see if it was still alive.

Deer fawn jumps back into the water when animal rescue arrives

Freeley called the Strong Island Animal Rescue League to tell them about the deer after leaving the fawn on the beach, believing it would be okay.

However, the New York Daily News quotes Frank Floridia as saying Monday that the deer then ran back into the water and it turned out to be more challenging to rescue it this time, as it swam even further out in the water.

It was when Floridia arrived at the beach and was checking the deer fawn for any wounds that it panicked and ran, jumping back into the water.

Floridia immediately jumped into the water himself after he realized the animal was having problems keeping its head above water.

Floridia called it a “do-or-die” situation, saying he had no choice but to go after the deer or it would have died. He told the Daily News that when he reached the deer, she went limp and let him grab her because the animal knew he was saving her.

He said it was “amazing.” As Floridia brought the fawn out of the water, he was joined by his partner, Erica Kutzing and said that during the rescue he had blown out his knee.

Baby deer recovering at an animal rescue center

Floridia and Kutzing took the baby deer to the non-profit Star Foundation for rescued animals in Long Island, where the fawn was treated. According to Floridia, the animal was covered in ticks, had suffered an eye injury and various bruises and cuts to her head, but was otherwise in a stable condition. Once the deer fawn recovers from her experience, she will be released back into the wild.