Mainstream media outlets that have been observing the Russian investigation are now pitting Donald Trump Jr. against jared kushner based on their belief that before the presidential son tweeted the damning emails, someone leaked about the June 9 meeting and the emails. The basis of their theory of Kushner insulating himself from the events of June 9 was his statement issued prior to his Monday closed-door testimony with the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The Washington Post noted the “scalpel-like precision” with which the White House senior adviser separated himself from the meeting.

First, Kushner wrote that in June, Donald Jr. invited him through an email to a meeting with no mention of the Russian lawyer. He said included in his brother-in-law’s email informing him that the June 9 meeting was set at 4 pm was a long email that he did not read.

Forgets about meeting until scandal erupts

Kushner narrated that he arrived late at the meeting when Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer, was talking about the adoption of Russian children. He felt it was a waste of time and asked his assistant to text him so Kushner would have an excuse to leave the meeting. He added there was no part of the meeting that talked about the Trump campaign, although she appeared to have made the offer about a Democratic dossier before she segued to the Magnitsky Act which implied Kushner missed that part and knew nothing.

Daily Mail, however, noted that details about the June 9 meeting emerged because of Kushner’s security clearance process, and it was the son-in-law’s lawyers who discovered the email trail that eventually erupted into an international political scandal. On June 21, Kushner updated his security disclosure form after news about the emails from British publicist Rob Goldstein was reported.

Self-preservation before family

It was Kushner’s legal team who informed the personal lawyer of the President and the attorney of the Trump Organization about the emails three weeks ago, according to the Daily Mail. Although Donald Jr. is family to Kushner, The Daily Mail believes that the most likely explanation is the snake pit-like atmosphere in The White House that made Kushner’s camp place the heat on Donald Jr.

The result was several headlines starring Donald Jr., plus a Time Magazine cover for the president’s namesake, but for the wrong reason as the first son kept on changing the narrative of the meeting by adding names of Russians who attended the event. The British newspaper noted that backstabbing happened in the past between Charles Kushner, the father of Jared, and his brother-in-law which eventually resulted in Charles going to prison for witness tampering.