Walmart is one of the most-popular retailers in the Unites States. Many third party retailers and companies place their products on Walmart shelves, so that more consumers come to know of these products and companies. However, the Retail Chain faced flak recently when one of the products listed on its website was found to contain a racial slur in the description of the item.

The retailer takes down racially offensive product ad from its website

Customers who were browsing through a particular product on the retailer’s online store were shocked to see that a hair cap’s color description was listed as the N-word, followed by ‘brown.’ Customers were quick to report the unusual and offensive ad to the staff of Walmart.

Employees were unsure why the offensive language was used in the ad and eventually removed the word from the description.

However, users found that the word was still visible in a later section of the hair cap’s listing. Following this notification, the retail chain ultimately took down the product ad. Walmart claimed that it had been able to determine that the product was being advertised by a third party seller posing as a company, operating out of England.

Walmart also issued an apology to the masses for this goof up which had resulted in the racial slander going up on the retailer’s website. In a post on Twitter, the company said that it was appalled that something of this kind had taken place on its website.

The post also elaborated that the company was conducting an investigation on the seller who posted the advertisement in order to determine why it had been done.

The company who was listed as having published the ad was revealed to be Jagazi Natural, though it is believed that someone used the name of the company to commit this despicable act.

The actual owner of Jagazi was as much in shock of the matter as anybody else. Chizo Onuh, the owner of Jagazi Natural in London, claimed that she herself is a black woman from Nigeria. She denied having any knowledge of such a listing. Walmart was forced to take down the ad for the hair cap after angry comments from average people and celebrities asked the company to delete the offensive listing.

Supports for third party sellers

Walmart has started integrating even more third party sellers than before due to the fierce competition between it and Amazon. Walmart now sells around 50 million products, which includes the third party items as well. Although, there is currently no data on how much of the total business consists of third party products, it can be estimated to have thousands of such sellers.