John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins are the three Republicans who voted against the bill. The bill could only be passed if the majority of the Republicans had voted in favor of it. Donald Trump, the U.S. president said about John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins that they had let down the people of the United States.

The alleged skinny repeal is supposed to be the third failed attempt for repealing Obamacare. It would otherwise have scaled back some more contentious provisions. Moreover, its results would have been worst.

By the year 2026, around sixteen million people would have lost their health insurance with an increase in the insurance premiums by twenty percent.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) provided this estimate.

The most recent attempt for repealing the act of Obama-era health care failed in the senate of US after a very dramatic night

The dramatic night in the Senate:

There was a delay in the vote because a procedural vote was kept open by the Senate Republicans. This happened before the actual vote of Obamacare. They made an attempt to persuade the members of the Senate to vote in favor of that repeal. Mr. Mike Pence, the Vice President kept on talking to McCain and tried to convince him for around twenty minutes.

Later on, McCain joined another group of Democrats and they seemed to be happy when he went there. Eventually, fifty-one votes voted down the bill in the Senate.

Senate Majority Leader named Mitch McConnell who is also a Republican declared the result to be a disappointing moment. One of the Democrats name Chuck Schumer said that the people of his party were feeling relieved because millions of people of the US would be able to retain their health, the BBC reported.

What is skinny repeal?

The official name of the bill was the Health Care Freedom Act. It would have ignored many useful parts of the Obamacare act officially known as the Affordable Care Act. It would have eliminated the individual warrant that required all the citizens of the U.S. to have the coverage of health insurance.


Sen McCain said the reason for not voting in favor of the skinny repeal was that the bill had not any plan for bringing meaningful reform and for improving health care facilities for the people of the US.

Apparently, there are no plans for now for a new bill to repeal the Obamacare. This is because of the fact that the Republicans found the skinny repeal to be something upon which they could not agree.