Recently, President Donald Trump opted out of the Paris Agreement that would help combat climate change, making the United States one of only three nation's to withdraw from the pact. Last weekend, Trump became the only member of the G20 to not sign yet another pact that would combat climate change.

However, a bipartisan group of state governors, city mayors, and business CEOs have banded together to form the Climate Alliance. Their main goal is to help curb Greenhouse Gas Emissions. They plan to do this with or without the support of the Trump administration.

"America's Pledge"

One of the Climate Alliance's co-founders, California Governor Jerry Brown, has just helped to launch "America's Pledge." Along with philanthropist Michael Bloomberg and several business CEOs, this initiative calls on states, cities, and businesses to do their part to help combat greenhouse gas emissions.

Many pro-Paris states and cities will be complying with the guidelines listed in the Paris Agreement to help reduce their carbon footprint. "America's Pledge" is an effort to bring low-carbon economies together into one database. The group is also compiling comprehensive road maps for testing and analyzing future plans and making that information accessible to the public.

This movement will show the rest of the world that America is following the guidelines of the Paris Agreement even though Trump is not.

"The American government may have pulled out of the Paris Agreement, but American society remains committed to it," said Bloomberg in a press release. The Climate Alliance is America's main effort to help fight climate change.

Fighting Climate Change at Home

The first step to initiating change is to elect government officials who support conservation and preservation.

Mid-term elections are coming up soon and many new candidates want to fight climate change. One frontrunner to look at is volcanologist Jess Phoenix. She is running for California's 25th district congressional seat this year.

There are many little things one may do every day that can help combat climate change in the long run.

Switching to energy efficient light bulbs and recycling daily are some common ways to do so. There are other lifestyle changes that one can make to help make a greater reduction of one's own carbon footprint.

Using public transportation more often and choosing to live a meat-free lifestyle can largely reduce one's carbon footprint. Family planning also plays a large role in climate change. The promotion of education and basic scientific knowledge is also something to look into to become more aware of the increasing dangers of climate change.