With all the bad press about united airlines doing the rounds, the airline is trying something different in an effort to attract potential passengers to their new international flights. They are launching food trucks in San Francisco and New York, handing out free goodies to passersby. As noted by SFGate, however, people mustn’t expect a full meal and will only experience a taste, but hey, free food is free food.

Starting this week free food from United Airlines

The United-branded food trucks will be heading out into the streets of San Francisco and New York starting this week and will be running the service for three weeks.

As reported by the Chicago Business Journal, the free food served will be indigenous to some of United Airlines’ new international destinations, which will soon be available from airports in San Francisco and New York. While no one is being forced to buy a United ticket in order to get the free treats, the airline is hoping the snacks on offer will tempt the public into visiting these international destinations.

San Francisco promotion to attract passengers to Munich, Germany

According to SFGate, it might take a little searching to find the San Francisco United food truck, which will be parked in one of three different locations in the city from 11 a.m.

every day. They quote the locations as being in Brannan Street, Sansome Street or Mission Bay Boulevard North. The focus of United’s promotion here will be their route from San Francisco to Munich, Germany and the free food on offer will be apple crumb cake and horseshoe almond cookies.

New Yorkers to be tempted to fly to Tel Aviv, Buenos Aires or Tokyo

In New York City this week, the food truck will be promoting United’s new non-stop route to Tel Aviv in Israel from Newark Liberty International Airport.

Tasty treats on offer will be black and white cookies and rugelach, a popular Jewish pastry.

From July 31, United Airline’s food truck will change its focus to Buenos Aires, offering coconut cream pineapple and dulce de leche donuts. In the final week, Tokyo in Japan will be the focus of the airline’s promotion, with even more donuts, including cherry and “Yuzu” lemon zest. The possible location of the New York City food truck is currently unknown, but New Yorkers should probably keep their eyes peeled.

‘Sweet way’ to attract new passengers to United Airlines

A spokeswoman for United Airlines told SFGate they believe this is a “sweet way” to give potential customers insight into new and exciting international destinations, hopefully sparking interest for them to travel there.