Dynamics within the Trump family must be tempestuous at best. With all of the competition, it must be a brutal game to see who can outdo whom. Some of these details are coming to light as it's been learned that Donald Trump's sons, Eric and Donald, Jr. are said to feel slighted by their sister's husband. Ivanka's husband, jared kushner, has a huge role in the White House and is one of her father's closest confidantes as his senior adviser. Eric and Donald, Jr. are currently running the Trump Organization and have no official roles for their father's administration.

The two are "jealous" of their brother-in-law, according to a source described as close to the Trump family.

Trump sons feel sidelined

An insider tells People magazine that Jared Kushner's important and high profile role for President Trump has stirred some resentment in Eric and Donald, Jr.

“All the attention to Jared is a bit of a sore point and they feel left out of the fun in D.C.,” the source tells the magazine. “They miss being at the center of the action.”

The attention placed on Kushner and credit he gets for being a key player in Trump's administration has rubbed Don, Jr. wrong, the source claims. When Jared was given a cover story in 2016 on Forbes that made him out to be a "genius," the source says Don, Jr.

was put out because he worked hard during his father's campaign in the presidential race.

"Don is like, ‘No, I worked on the campaign too!'” the source adds.

Kushner gets credit for doing less than sons

The title on the front page of the magazine issue read, "This Guy Got Trump Elected." It's understandable that it may hit a nerve for a Trump son who feels maligned by his brother-in-law.

Both Eric and Don, Jr. worked as surrogates during their father's campaign. They enjoyed the rallies and working as their father's spokespeople. After their father was elected there were reports that they missed the energy of the big crowds and being "very visible." The Trump family source maintains that Jared Kushner was able to wield a great deal of influence for doing "exactly the opposite." Eric and Don, Jr.

aren't openly hostile to their brother-in-law, according to the source.

The public knows very little about Jared, but the insider reveals that under that "uptight" persona, he's "hilarious." He's often seen in the media and in cable news near President Trump around the White House, and appearing alongside Ivanka, but he comes off as highly inaccessible to the public. He's currently embroiled in scandals revolving around the Russian investigation, which make matters worse -- then again, so is Donald, Jr. There's probably more Trump family drama to come down the pike a this presidency continues.