US President Donald Trump told his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Friday that he was 'honored' to have met him for the first time and added that he expected 'positive things' in the partnership between the two rivals on many international issues.

Trump and Putin's face-to-face meeting at the 2017 G-20 Hamburg summit in Germany was one of the most anticipated meetings between two world leaders in years.

President Trump pledged convergence with Moscow during his presidential campaign last year. He, however, has not been able to deliver on that promise because his administration was plagued with allegations of Russian interference with the US presidential election and relationship between his campaign organization and Moscow.

Russia has repeatedly denied any sort of meddlesomeness and Trump said his campaign did not cooperate with Russia.

Trump and Putin's discussions

The US President and his Russian counterparts discussed via translators and with their respective Foreign Minister for about six minutes before journalists were admitted into the room to cover the event. Afterward, reporters were sent out and the discussion continued for about an hour.

This means that every expression, body language, and physical gesture is critically evaluated as much as what the two leaders say. According to the Kremlin, both enjoyed a temporary handshake at the summit before negotiations later.

Before the meeting, there was the fear at home that President Trump, a political newcomer whose administration is yet to fully develop its Russian policy, will be less prepared for talks than former spy agent Putin, who has dealt with the two previous US Presidents and several other world leaders.

Amidst criticisms of Russian intervention in Ukraine and Syria and its role in the US presidential election campaign, Trump has come under intense pressure to take a tough stance against Kremlin's action.

Trump's remarks on Russia

On Thursday, President Trump made some strong comments about Russia, demanding that Russia end its 'destabilizing' activities and stop supporting Syria and Iran.

According to a Kremlin official, Putin has been briefed about the US President’s remarks and will hold that and every other comment from US officials into account.

President Trump, however, not stated definitively that Russia had intervened in the US 2016 presidential election.