Shepard Smith went out on a limb to criticize the current administration over the ongoing issue of Russian interference during the 2016 Presidential Election. Earlier this week, it was revealed that a meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and Atty. Natalia Veselnitskaya took place at Trump Tower on June 9, 2016.

The president's son said he thought the meeting was arranged to discuss U.S. adoptions of Russian children. A few days after giving his initial statement on the issue, Donald Trump's eldest son uploaded his exchange of emails with Rob Goldstone who helped plan the meeting in Manhattan.

Inside Trump Jr. and Veselnitskaya's private meeting

Apparently, the Trump Jr. was offered damaging information against his father's opponent, Hillary Clinton, who was representing the Democratic Party. The British publicist assured that the official documents could be used against the contender and would be useful to then-candidate Trump for his campaign.

The meeting was attended by Paul J. Manafort and Jared Kushner who confirmed their participation in confidential government documents. The two, however, refused to provide the topics discussed during the assembly. Recent updates on the issue revealed that the controversial meeting was also witnessed by Rinat Akhmetshin as per the Associated Press.

The prominent Russian-American lobbyist personally confirmed that he accompanied Veselnitskaya when she asked him to join the meeting.

Akhmetshin confirmed Trump Jr., Kushner, and Manafort were present during the assembly. He also revealed that the meeting was also attended by some unfamiliar faces. After giving his statement, Rep.

Adam Schiff (D-California) asked the lobbyist to "provide relevant documents and information" to support his testimony.

'Lie after lie after lie'

This update on Trump Jr.'s private meeting was the subject of Smith and Chris Wallace's discussion in "Shepard Smith Reporting" on Friday. The Fox News anchors criticized the current administration for refusing to provide the details of the private meeting.

Smith believes this controversy is far from over as new details continue to emerge regarding the persons involved in the assembly. "There was an eighth person in that meeting – we don’t know, there may have been more, but there was an eighth," he said.

He turned to Kushner and slammed the president's son-in-law for failing to disclose the names of those who were with them during the meeting. Before the program wrapped up, Smith labeled the issue a "mind blogging" deception.