The “Keeping Up with the Kardashian” stars headed by Kris Jenner are affected with the on-going war between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. The former couple’s spat started long ago but intensified when Rob posted Chyna’s nude snaps on Instagram. The matriarch is fuming mad that the social media spat will cause an irreparable damage to their money-making name as per News.

Rob Kardashian posted nude photos of Blac Chyna

The University of Southern California business graduate posted explicit photos of Chyna and accused her of extorting money and cheating on him.

He also claimed that she is not fit as mother of their only daughter because of her drug addiction and alcoholism.

The conflict was picked up by the media and it has blown into a tabloid feast. Everybody is talking about Chyna’s nude photos that Rob posted to get even with his ex-fiancee’s cheating. The drama has reached the four corners of Hollywood and fans are worried that the Kardashian son might go to prison because revenge porn is punishable by imprisonment.

Kris Jenner and family ashamed of the Rob-Chyna war

This is the scenario that Kris Jenner and her family particularly Kim Kardashian are fearful about. They do not want to hurt their brand – the famous Kardashian surname. The family is ashamed that Rob has dragged them into their mess according to Metro.

It can be recalled that Kim and her sisters went to court to stop Blac Chyna from trade marking their surname. Tyga’s ex-lover was accused of wanting the valuable surname more than Rob.

Aside from the damage to the brand, the whole Kardashian family is afraid that Dream Renee Kardashian’s custody will be taken away from both parents because of the mess they are in right now.

When Rob and Chyna started dating in 2016, the Kardashian’s expressed disapproval of the “Lashed by Blac Chyna” owner. Rob even had a falling out with his family and proceeded with his relationship with the makeup artist. They vehemently disapprove of their relationship but now Rob knew his family was right all along.

One by one, the members of the family started talking to Chyna.

Eventually, the family were seen together especially during her pregnancy. But the issues between them continued until they finally separated in March. They tried co-parenting their daughter.

When Rob went against his former fiancé on Instagram, his account was canceled by the social media network. Blac Chyna has sought the help of lawyer Lisa Bloom to file for a restraining order against her former partner.

Kris Jenner and the whole Kardashian family cannot control how they will be dragged into this drama that has turned into a potential lawsuit. The public now has something interesting to talk about.