On Sunday 23 July, almost 39 people were rescued from a truck in San Antonio, Texas. Authorities said that the all the people were crowded in the truck. The overheated truck with almost forty migrants squeezed into it was found in San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio is a major city located in south-central Texas and near to the Mexican border which is about a two-hour drive away.

San Antonio, Texas

The heavy vehicle was discovered filled with dozens of individuals in a Walmart parking lot in San Antonio, Texas. Among all those rescued from the scene, almost 30 injured have been hospitalized.

Nine were found to be dead and the remaining illegals were arrested, reported CBS News.

According to law enforcement Agencies in San Antonio, it is a "terrifying" incident of the crime which is commonly known as 'Human Trafficking."

The Truck driver is under arrest and an investigation is in progress. The Federal Prosecutors said in a statement to the media that the total number of people found in the truck was 39 including a person later found in a nearby forested area. Among all the people crushed into the overheated truck, there were two school-age children.

All the dead were adult men

It is still unknown how many other illegal suspected migrants may have successfully left the scene and are still unaccounted for.

In an interview with CNN, City police supervisor William McManus stated that all the dead people were men over the age of 20. It was also mentioned that nationalities and names of the people stuck in the truck have not yet been released.

On early Sunday morning, authorities received a call from a Walmart employee to inspect a tractor-trailer that was parked in Walmart's parking lot for two hours.

Someone from the truck asked the Walmart employee for some water and as the situation was unusual, the alarmed the employee decided to make a call for help.

It was not instantly apparent how long the vehicle had been in the parking lot, and law enforcement officers are working to ascertain who owns it. Tens of thousands of unauthorized transients from Mexico and Central America struggle to make the dangerous excursion to the United States each year.

Trump and the Mexican wall

In 2003, 19 would-be immigrants died in an overheated van while being driven from southern Texas near the Mexican boundary to Houston. President Donald Trump has promised to construct a wall along America's border with Mexico to crack down on unauthorized immigration.