If presidential son Donald Jr. could be in legal trouble because of the undisclosed meeting with Russians, his brother-in-law jared kushner may have similar problems over undisclosed assets. Actually, the shrill-voiced White House senior adviser also had undisclosed contacts with foreigners that he failed to list for his security clearance.

Business Insider reported that Kushner has more than 70 undisclosed assets worth more than $10.6 million that he recently added to his updated financial disclosure reports. The U.S. Office of Government Ethics certified on Thursday that Kushner had updated his financial disclosure report.

Art collector

Among the assets that the presidential son-in-law disclosed for the first time are art pieces worth over $5 million. Kushner also revealed that he sold his stake worth between $5 million and $25 million in a holding company that owns Cadre, an online real estate investment platform. He likewise sold his shares in an aging mall in New Jersey, Politico reported.

On Friday, Ivanka – Kushner’s wife – updated also her financial disclosure report. The value of her disclosed assets is at least $66 million. In 2016, she earned at least $13.6 million. Although the couple filed separate reports, when their assets are combined by value, it would be between $206 million and $760 million.

Jamie Gorelick, who had quit as Kushner’s lawyer in the Russian probe but was retained for other legal tasks, helped the couple comply with government filing requirements.

She said in a statement that the couple followed each of the required steps as they transitioned from private citizens to federal officials.

Pre-certification stage

Gorelick said Ivanka’s financial disclosure form is in the pre-certification stage because she started the process later than her husband. She accepted a White House role in March which explains why Ivanka joined her father’s official foreign trip.

In the last one, Ivanka created controversy when she temporarily sat on the chair of Donald Trump during a G20 Summit session in Hamburg, Germany, beside national leaders.

Kushner’s report had been certified because he began the process earlier as he was appointed senior adviser before Trump’s inauguration as the 45th president of the United States. The son-in-law, however, had omitted a lot of assets – 77 to be exact – which required him to amend his disclosure form several times.