Coming to TV screens on August 9 courtesy the AT&T Audience Network, “Mr. Mercedes” is a television adaptation of the novel of the same name by horror author Stephen King. More promotional photos have now surfaced from the set of the series, showing the cast members playing their roles. Please note there are minor spoilers in the text below, but nothing to spoil viewers enjoyment.

The hunt for 'Mr. Mercedes'

The story follows a retired detective, Bill Hodges (played by Brendan Gleeson) who returns to his sleuthing work in an effort to hunt down a notorious mass killer from an incident which happened some years before.

The killer had been dubbed by the titular name, “Mr. Mercedes,” after he plowed a Mercedes car into a queue of job seekers, killing and maiming many. Bloody Disgusting describes the adaptation of King’s 2014 book as being in a similar vein to “Mr Robot,” but with “elements of horror.”

Photos from the set of ‘Mr. Mercedes’

In the images recently released of the cast of “Mr. Mercedes,” King fans will appreciate some likenesses to the book’s characters, while some seem to be outright wrong. One of the excellent portrayals, however, is Gleeson in the role of Detective Bill Hodges.

Of interest to note, Easter eggs are already being found in the upcoming series, with a Stephen King novel sitting in plain sight on Hodges’ desk.

Brady Hartsfield, the killer in question, is portrayed by Harry Treadaway of “Penny Dreadful” fame while his mother, Deborah Hartsfield – with whom Brady has what could be called a way too close relationship – is played by Kelly Lynch.

Treadaway certainly looks perfect for the role of Brady, with one Twitter user noting the similarities with the Bates family in "Bates Motel."

In the case of Detective Hodges’ trusty sidekicks, Jerome Robinson (with Jharrel Jerome of “Moonlight” in the role) and Holly Gibney (played by Justine Lupe), Jerome certainly looks the part.

However many comments on social media have said Lupe, who plays Holly, is way too young and attractive for the role.

A woman by the name of Michelle commented on the Bloody Disgusting article to say the actress looks around 20, while Holly was at least twice that age and mentally unstable. She also noted that Holly was not “remotely pretty” until she smiled. However when she posted on the Facebook page for “Mr. Mercedes” about the issue, she was told not to be so quick to judge, so maybe this will work.

Mary-Louise Parker plays the role of Janey Patterson in "Mr.

Mercedes," client and eventual love interest of Bill Hodges and sister of Olivia Trelawney, the owner of the fated Mercedes car.

Other cast members include Ann Cusack (of “Nightcrawler”) fame as Olivia Trelawney and “Avatar” star Scott Lawrence as Hodges’ former partner, Detective Peter Dixon. Ida Silver is played by Holland Taylor and Lou Linklatter plays Breeda Wool. There is also, reportedly, a cameo by the writer King himself.

As noted by Flickering Myth, “Mr. Mercedes” tells the story of the demented killer, Brady Hartsfield, who sends a series of emails and letters to former police detective Bill Hodges, taunting him and forcing the detective to launch a private crusade to try and bring the killer to justice before he kills again. The series will premiere on AT&T Audience Network on August 9th.

Learn more about the making of the series below.