Over the weekend the U.S. Food and Drug Administration was called upon to investigate a new product named Coco Loko. The product is a new type of “snortable” chocolate powder that has been developed by Legal Lean, an Orlando-based company. The action to investigate the product was called upon by Charles Schumer, the U.S. Senate Minority Leader.

FDA looks into snortable chocolate powder

The Coco Loko powder, which was released last month, is made of cacao powder and includes ingredients often found in the composition of energy drinks. Components such as guarana, taurine, and ginkgo biloba found in the ingredient list of energy drinks have also been included in this product.

According to product developer Legal Lean, the Coco Loko powder, renders “euphoric energy and motivation” while safely generating a state “similar to the feeling of ecstasy.”

Medical professionals such as doctors and researchers are unsure of the adverse health effects due to snorting this powder. Snorting the product may possibly harm to the nasal passage. Schumer, who called on the FDA for investigation, has termed the product “cocaine on training wheels”. He states that Coco Loko is dangerous for children and should be banned as soon as possible.

As Legal Lean marketed Coco Loko as a dietary supplement, the chocolate powder was not reviewed by the FDA. According to the law, the FDA does not review products which fall under the dietary supplement category for effectiveness and safety.

In an e-mail to The Washington Post, FDA spokesperson Peter Cassell stated that the agency is yet to decide whether to look into the product or not. He further added that before reviewing the product, the FDA will need to scrutinize the marketing information, labeling, and any other information related to its intended use.

Legal Lean’s response to the allegations

The company’s founder Nick Anderson stated that the Coco Loko powder was developed and inspired by similar products, which are still in existence in Europe. He believes that the product is capable of giving its uses a “buzz” for half an hour. Following the accusations by the senator, Legal Lean said that no known adverse effects were there for such products, which have been present in the European market for over two years.

It also stated that Coco Loko is a new product with a controversial angle. However, that should not be a sole reason as to why one should “jump to regulate it.” The product can be purchased off Legal Lean’s website for $19.99.