Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) has been diagnosed with Brain Tumor. His office delivered the unfortunate news a few days after the senior senator took a leave of absence from the U.S. Senate this week. McCain's medical team graced an interview with CNN wherein they provided an update on his health condition.

McCain diagnosed with brain tumor

His doctors confirmed that the tumor or glioblastoma has been removed after the 80-year-old senator underwent a surgery to remove a blood clot above his left eye. The operation took place at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix last Friday.

McCain's surgery reportedly lasted for three to four hours before the tumor was successfully removed.

Reports further stated that the GOP member is currently resting at his home in Arizona after the operation. His doctors also said that the U.S. senator and his family are looking into treatment options like chemotherapy and radiation.

They added that McCain's underlying health is in excellent condition after the surgery. The doctors, however, did not indicate whether or not the senior politician can go back to his work anytime soon.

Meanwhile, McCain's office assured that the Arizona senator is recovering "amazingly well" after his tumor was removed. In fact, the former presidential nominee did not show neurological problems during the entire process of his surgery.

Before the operation, the GOP senator reportedly complained about feeling fatigued and having blurry visions. His doctor immediately asked him to get a CT scan and MRI before the actual surgery took place on the afternoon of July 14. McCain's medical team was impressed when the senator showed no signs of neurological problems when he woke up.

In fact, the senior politician even expressed his desire to go back to the U.S. Senate immediately. After showing good signs after the surgery, McCain got discharged from the hospital on Saturday and has been resting at his home in Arizona.

Officials send their good wishes to McCain

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) extended his thoughts to McCain, his family, friends, and constituents after learning about the news.

“I know that he will face this challenge with the same extraordinary courage that has characterized his life," he said.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, described McCain as a "fighter" as he hopes for his speedy recovery. Former U.S. presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton also extended their well-wishes to the senator.

Sen. John Hoeven (R-North Dakota) said they were "stunned" when the news about McCain's condition was announced during their health care meeting. “It was very emotional. I think for all of us he’s a special person," he told The Washington Post.