Senator John McCain of Arizona was diagnosed with brain cancer after tissue pathology revealed his condition. The senator went under the knife for a blood clot above his left eye which was sadly associated with his glioblastoma, a form of brain tumor.

He was out of his office several days ago to have an operation. His office announced the news on Wednesday saying that the senator continues to be optimistic about his predicament. The statement said that he is currently in his home recovering and he and his family are very grateful for the outpouring of support and for the doctors that took care of him at the Mayo clinic.

The doctors laid down treatment options for him and they included a combination of radiation and chemotherapy. They also reported that he was recovering amazingly fast according to the Huffington Post.

Meghan McCain gives emotional tribute to John McCain

His daughter made a heartfelt tribute to her father following the diagnosis. On her Twitter account, Meghan McCain wrote about her father’s triumph over skin cancer in 2000. She also wrote that the family’s recent struggle is not new and they are all familiar with cancer after her father’s previous bout with the disease.

Meghan highlighted the strengths and greatness of her father especially his political endeavors that benefited the whole of America.

The most touching part of the tribute is the sad thought of parting with her father who has been her strength, confidante, rock, teacher, hero, and dad. She also confirmed that her father is the toughest especially in his political battles and not even the cruelest enemy can overcome him.

Former heads of state sent messages to John McCain on social media

An avalanche of support was sent towards the McCain family and most especially to the Republican senator as reported by CNN. President Donald Trump said that the senator has always been a fighter and he wished him to get well soon.

Fellow Senator John Hoeven of North Dakota said that he and his fellow senators were stunned in unbelief and offered prayers for McCain. VP Mike Pence tweeted that cancer has chosen the wrong guy and that he is optimistic that the 80-year-old politician will win over his disease.

Former President Barack Obama tweeted his message. He wrote that John McCain is an American hero and one of the bravest, too. He also wrote that cancer doesn't know what it's up against telling McCain to give it a hell.

Former presidents Bill Clinton and George W.

Bush also sent their reactions and wishes on social media. Former first lady Hillary Clinton also highlighted McCain’s toughness. The same trait was mentioned by many other senators and McCain’s friend of 40 years, former VP Joe Biden.

Americans at this time forget political differences and united in wishing John McCain a speedy recovery. One thing is seen in the bevy of messages for the senator – he is a good man. All that his daughter Meghan McCain saw in her father was seen by other Americans too.