President Donald Trump invited New York financier Anthony Scaramucci to be the communications director of the White House after the billionaire saw the hedge fund owner on TV. He saw in Scaramucci the potential to be a top TV surrogate during Trump's dwindling approval rating, but it seems the president forgot to exercise due diligence.

He either failed to ask his staff to do a background check on Scaramucci’s online history or ignored what the White House or he himself discovered. Multiple reports state that the hedge fund owner had an anti-Trump history on TV and Twitter.

Scaramucci acknowledges being a Trump basher

Hours after he was confirmed the new White House communications director – which led press secretary Sean Spicer to quit on the same day – websites reported that Scaramucci deleted his old tweets that hit at Trump. Some Twitter users, however, reminded the financier that they had taken screen shots of his previous embarrassing tweets and reposted them.

Some netizens, such as Josh Bilinson, noticed that Scaramucci deleted his old tweets. Bilinson then tweeted about what Scaramucci did and reminded the new White House official that the Internet is forever, Mashable reported.

His anti-Trump rants were not just on the microblogging site. Scaramucci also spoke against the real estate billionaire before Trump ran for president. He called the former host of “The Apprentice” an “anti-American” and a “hack politician” in August 2015 after Trump spoke out against hedge fund managers. Scaramucci founded Skybridge Capital and defended the real estate industry on Fox News, The New York Daily News reported.

Realtors versus hedge fund managers

Trump pointed out that the real estate industry constructs buildings and provides jobs, while hedge fund managers just push papers around. Scaramucci replied that with comments like that, Trump will likely make Elizabeth Warren his running mate for vice president and become the president of the Queen’s County bullies association.

Other insults he hurled at his future boss included calling Trump a big mouth based on the way he talked about women, particularly his friend Megyn Kelly. He called Trump a dude from the county who just inherited money.

Scaramucci was actually truthful then because Trump is known for being misogynistic and his real estate business was established by his paternal grandmother. The new communications director, however, is definitely aware that netizens knew of his previous stand against Trump and decided to acknowledge it indirectly with a Tweet that his new boss now is the U.S. president and his political views do not matter.

He also went on record to retract what he said about Trump whom he previously called in 2015 a hack with a big mouth.

Scaramucci even professed love for Trump and described the president as a very, very effective communicator.