President Donald Trump is facing an obstruction of justice investigation because he allegedly tried to bully former FBI Director James Comey into dropping the probe on ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. The billionaire has shown a pattern of behavior of breaking the law because he is the president, making him apparently above the law.

Other examples of how he goes around the law include allegedly deleting Tweets which violate the Presidential Records Act. The Act requires preservation of White House internal communications. Trump’s blatant disregard for complying with the Act led two watchdogs to file a lawsuit against him and some White House staff.

Ignorant of the law or flouting responsibilities

The New York Daily News reported the National Security Archive and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics claimed Trump and the White House staff are illegally erasing emails, official records, and tweets sent to millions of people. These acts are indicators the president and his staff either are unaware of their responsibility to preserve those records or blatantly flouting their duties.

Based on the complaint documents, Trump and his staff are openly defying records requirements. Besides Trump deleting his tweets, White House staff have been using Signal, an encrypted app, and Confide, an app which deletes messages read. It could be another breach of the law since the White House employees could be doing business secretly that must be done by federal agencies which are subject to speedy records requests.

Breaching golf rules

Trump allegedly breaking the Presidential Records Act should no longer surprise Americans because even a basic golf rule on not driving a golf cart on the greens, the real estate billionaire had violated. Fore Play tweeted a 30-second clip wherein Trump was caught on video driving his golf cart over the greens of a Bedminster, New Jersey golf course which Trump is the owner.

The video was taken by Mike Frank on June 9 and tweeted on June 22. According to the New York Post, the video was available to the public, but Frank changed the setting of his Twitter account to private.

As of Friday, however, the video could still be seen by the public.

The lawsuit filed by the watchdog and the video of Trump breaking golf rules both came out on the same day that the president tweeted there is no tape of his conversation with Comey. The fact that it took him six weeks to tweet about it could now make people wonder was there really no video recording of the meeting or was it also deleted from files like emails and tweets?