On Thursday, Russia prevented the United Nations Security Council's statement calling for strong measures in response to the launch of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile by North Korea.

The United States had released a statement approved by the 15-member Council after announcing plans for a new resolution on sanctions, however, Russia objected to the call, according to a UN diplomat. The draft measure reminded that the Council had agreed to take 'other strong measures' at the launch of another missile launch or nuclear test and that the UN unanimity takes immediate action through such measures.

Russia's reason for blocking the measure

Russia blocked the action by arguing that it was not ensured that the launch was an intercontinental ballistic missile, according to the council’s diplomat.

Both the US and the United Nations agreed that Hwasong-14 which was launched on Tuesday was an intercontinental missile. The draft measure contained a stiff condemnation of the launch, which outlined a draft resolution for stricter sanctions that the United States announced intending to present in the days ahead.

Vladimir Safronkov Russian Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations, in an emergency Security Council’s meeting address on Wednesday, said Moscow was totally against the move and argued that sanctions will not solve the issue.

All moves to justify military action are not allowed and will lead to unforeseen consequences for the region, Safronkov warned.

Likewise, the aspirations to economically curb North Korea are not as acceptable as millions of North Koreans still need humanitarian aid, he stated.

The US calls for military sanctions

Nikki Haley US Ambassador to the UN called for the launch of clear and immediate military escalation and threatened that the United States was fully prepared to use military power, 'but does not want to go in that direction.

The missile test that Kim Jong-Un described as 'a gift' for Americans as they made preparation to celebrate Independence Day meant a milestone in Pyongyang's decades of running ability to threaten the US mainland with a nuclear attack.

US President Donald Trump said he was contemplating some very serious steps to respond to the North Korean latest nuclear test, he described Pyongyang’s behavior is shameful. He said that North Korea behaved in a very dangerous way and that something very urgent need to be done about it.