Republican lawmakers have reached out and called to Donald Trump’s new chief of staff, John Kelly to fix whatever chaos there is that has existed in the White House.

He is expected to reduce the drama that has blossomed in the office ever since Trump took the presidential seat about six months ago.

It cannot be denied that for the past couple of months, ever since Trump took place in the presidential seat, that there has been chaos and mishaps occurring in the White House. This has been made public with the help of today’s media, and the Republicans are currently expecting some good changes with the newly appointed Chief of Staff.

To bring the White House together

Within just six months in the office, Donald Trump has turned the situation in the White House upside down. This was led by his decision-making styles, characterized as loose and his open-door policy as well of the Oval Office to both his internal and external advisers.

His contradictory opinions and decisions to his senior staff have been deemed public and bitter.

Thus, Kelly, who will take Reince Priebus' vacated position, is expected to remedy this, as well as the other problems in the office.

According to Republican strategist and former White House adviser to George W. Bush, Trump is in a lot of trouble this week, which saw his health care reform fail in Congress.

This has been his first legislative effort, and its failure has characterized his presidency as unrestrained in the past six months.

Protests on recent decisions

Trump has recently expressed his plan to ban transgender people from joining the military, which has earned him just more protesters and activists on his plate.

In addition to that, Anthony Scaramucci, his new communications director released disrespectful criticisms Trump’s strategist, Steven Bannon.

This led to the GOP lawmakers comment on how chaotic and undisciplined the situation at the White House has been. In line with this, the Republicans have openly welcomed Trump’s decision to bring in Kelly as his new Chief of Staff who is set to start on Monday.

Based on some reviews of the Republican senators, Kelly is assumed to bring peace and order to the White House, giving a lot of pressure on his end.

However, it is still yet to be discovered how effective he will be in his new position and how he could help the president of the United States of America, and the country in itself as well.