The 67-year-old incoming Chief Of Staff is a retired four-star Marine Corps general. He is the current secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and will begin as chief of staff on Monday

He made the announcement on a Friday afternoon and tweeted from his account. The role of Reince Priebus was removed entirely after the announcement. There was a lot of pressure on the embattled foregoing chief of staff since the time he was named to be a possible leader. The director of communication appointed by Donald Trump named the chief of staff to be the possible leaker.

Mr. Reince Priebus told the news channel (CNN) about his resignation this Thursday after he had a conversation with Mr. Donald Trump. He told the Wolf Blitzer of CNN about Trump and that he wanted to move in a different way. He also said that Trump thought about General John Kelly as a great choice.

Anthony Scaramucci was appointed to be the communications director about a week ago. Mr. Reince Priebus was accused of leaking out the personal matters to the media press by Mr. Anthony Scaramucci. Mr. Anthony Scaramucci also made a phone call to one of the reporters for unleashing a profanity-filled diatribe against Reince Priebus. He called him to be a “Paranoid Schizophrenic”.

Donald Trump's announcement

General John Kelly is a retired general but he has now become an important part of the border security. Mr. Donald Trump posted a series of tweets on Friday in which he kept of praising the retiring Marine Corp general. He called him a great American and an excellent leader.

He also praised John Kelly by saying that he has done an amazing job at the Homeland Security.

He declared him to be a true star of his administration. According to one of the spokespersons of the White House, he would start working on Monday. The deputy of General John Kelly named Elaine Duke will be the Department of Homeland Security’s acting head.

Trump’s tweets about Priebus

Donald Trump also admired the retiring chief of staff Reince Priebus in one of his tweets.

The outgoing chief of staff had worked as the (the Republican National Committee) RNC’s chairman previously. Trump said that he wanted to thank him for all his services as well as dedication to the country. He also talked about their combined accomplishments and said that he was so proud of Priebus.Previously when he was the chairman of RNC (the Republican National Committee), he acted like a bridge between the establishment of a party and the Republican nominee.