Orange County, California - Stanwood Elkus killed his urologist Ronald Gilbert on January 28, 2013. During his trial on Thursday at the Orange County Superior Court in Santa Ana, his defense team claimed that the crime was due to several devastating effects following his Prostate surgery.

Who is Ronald Gilbert?

Ronald Franklin Gilbert was born in Orange County in Southern California. He was a son of a physician and also became a doctor in the latter part of his life. In 1993, he became part of the Orange County Urology Group at the Hoag Health Center in Newport Beach.

As a urologist, he treated patients with bladder problems, prostate cancer, sexual dysfunctions, and other urology related medical conditions.

Who is Stanwood Elkus?

Stanwood F. Elkus is a 79-year-old resident of Lake Elsinore. He is a retired barber who served briefly in the Marine Corps. In 1992, he was diagnosed with urethral stricture and follow that, the doctors recommended surgery.

Background of the case

In a report published in Los Angeles Times, Long Beach VA urologist Ronald Gilbert was the doctor who had seen Elkus. He was also the one who recommended the prostate surgery, but he did not perform the surgery himself. Elkus apparently told a friend of his on January 27, 2013, that Dr. Gilbert had failed his prostate surgery module 21 years ago at the Veteran’s Administration hospital.

He also said, “I had surgery and now I am worse than before the surgery.”

Dr. Gilbert’s operation apparently resulted in Elkus’ incontinence problem getting worse. After the operation, Elkus reportedly suffered from diminished sex drive, incontinence, and erectile dysfunction. This meant that he was not able to find a steady girlfriend and he even revealed a tape recording of his ex-girlfriend discussing and complaining about his sexual insufficiency.

Stanwood Elkus killed Doctor Ronald Gilbert

Enraged by the outcome of the surgery, Stanwood drove to Ronald’s office at Newport Beach on January 22, 2013, where he had made an appointment under the name of Allen Gold.

In his trial on Thursday, July 27, prosecutor Matt Murphy revealed that patient Stanwood Elkus returned to Gilbert’s office under a fake name and waited for the doctor at the examination room.

Elkus eventually shot Doctor Ronald Gilbert to death at a close range on January 28, 2013, at around 2:00 PM. He further revealed that Stanwood shot the urologist 10 times using a recently-purchased .45-caliber Glock 21.

Trial to continue

According to Defense attorney Colleen O’Hara, Stanwood Elkus had suffered from depression, dementia, brain impairment, loss of inhibition, and aggression that is related to brain damage. Because of these ailments, Stanwood has pleaded not guilty due to insanity. The trial is expected to continue next week. If convicted of one count of first-degree murder, he will face life in prison without parole.