The Pentagon will cut off Military Aid to Pakistan due to its lax stance against the Haqqani group, a terrorist cell that operates inside its borders. The move is aimed to force Pakistan to rid itself of Terrorist Groups or risk being the next target of American counter terrorism activities in the Middle East.

How much aid will be cut from Pakistan?

According to reports from the White House, the Pentagon will not release the remaining $50 million in military reimbursement to the said country until it has acted against terrorist groups operating inside its borders.

The Haqqani network was designated by the United States in 2012, as a terrorist organization that is working close with the Taliban in conducting cross border attacks against the Afghan government.

The Trump administration wants to conduct a major crack down of terrorist groups operating in Afghanistan, thus involving the Haqqani group, which is thriving in Pakistan. Adam Stump pointed out to news agencies that the funds intended for Pakistan could not be released because the Pakistani government hasn't done any visible action against the Haqqani network that is confirmed by U.S. Intelligence to be operating in the country and is actively supporting the Taliban.

Pakistan is also being threatened by the U.S.

government that if the terrorist network is not dealt with, its "ally" status within NATO may be revoked. This will deal a huge blow against its economy, especially as the United States is forging a greater military cooperation with India, one of the major rivals of the Pakistani government.

What will be the result of this move?

According to sources, this decision may pave the way for expanding U.S. drone strikes into Pakistan, especially if its major ally status is revoked. Islamabad, the country's capital hasn't given any official statement over their current measures taken in ridding terrorist groups in Pakistan.

However, each day that passes solidifies America's stand that Pakistan maybe the next target for its anti terrorism campaign in the Middle East.

The war against ISIS slowly drawing to a close as Mosul and Raqqa are slowly being liberated. The United States is also starting to consolidate recently acquired territory in Syria and is in the process of building bases for further strikes against the remnants of the once massive ISIS force.

The White House added that relations between the U.S. and Pakistan are slowly being cut due to the "unwillingness" of Islamabad to crack down the Haqqani network and eliminate the last vestiges of terrorist activity around Afghanistan. Unless the Pakistan government cooperate with the United States on its global war against terror, Islamabad may become the next coalition target.