Two-year-old Eden Carlson from the U.S. miraculously recovered from brain damage after escaping death from drowning in her family's pool in February last year. Thanks to Oxygen Therapy, damage to the toddler's brain has been reversed and she is now living a normal life.

Drowning caused extreme damage to Toddler’s brain

Eden Carlson is loved dearly by her family. However, in February 2016, the little girl managed to escape over her baby gate without anybody noticing. She ended up falling into her family’s swimming pool. The poor baby nearly drowned.

It took about 15 minutes before she was discovered.

The toddler suffered cardiac arrest and sustained damage to her brain. She was taken to a hospital and received various treatments. But the toddler gave no response to all kinds of stimuli.

Oxygen Therapy reverses brain damage

Eden Carlson’s case seemed hopeless. After various treatments, the toddler was not showing any signs of recovery. Luckily, medical practitioners from LSU Health New Orleans School Of Medicine in cooperation with the medical team from the University Of North Dakota School Of Medicine came up with one last course of treatment. In hopes of reversing the damages to the toddler’s brain caused by her drowning, they decided to let her undergo Oxygen Therapy.

The medical plan for Eden was Normobaric Oxygen Therapy. In this therapy, the toddler was supplied levels of oxygen similar to quantities at sea level. Eden was also subjected to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). In the second treatment, she was given pure oxygen in a special chamber at a pressure higher than the normal atmosphere.

Eden’s normobaric Oxygen Therapy was administered twice a day. Each session lasted for about 45 minutes starting 55 days after the drowning accident. As early as the first week, her doctors noted the toddler’s positive response. She became responsive to stimuli and became more alert.

Much to the surprise of her family and doctors, Eden was then able to gain control of her hands, slowly moving and waving her arms.

Everybody was delighted when the little girl also started laughing.

On the 79th day of Eden’s therapy, her doctors decided to increase her HBOT sessions. Her treatment was increased to five sessions per week, each session lasting for 45-minute. This continued for five weeks.

After undergoing 39 Oxygen Therapy sessions, Eden’s mother happily announced that the lovely toddler had recovered pretty well and is almost back to normal. With added physical therapy, Eden is now capable of walking and her normal speech patterns have started to return as well.