A public school teacher from Tulsa, oklahoma was spotted holding a sign along the interstate that read “Teacher Needs School Supplies! Anything Helps.” She wanted to raise money to buy things for her incoming third-grade class.

The teacher was identified as Teresa Danks. She is with the Tulsa Public Schools system. According to Fox News, Danks said that she just wants to give her students the best after there have been budget cuts affecting the department of education in her state. Initially, she paid for the supplies herself but she only gets $35,000 and it was okay for her to pay around $2,000 to $3,000 once.

However, the needs keep coming as days, weeks, and months pass.

Many people start helping

Danks first went to the interstate on Tuesday last week. The first six minutes for her went well because she already earned $55 from passersby, which is a lot more than she earns as a teacher. She asked for change or anything that they could donate for her students.

The teacher noted that another reason why she resorted to panhandling aside from the fact that she needed money for the supplies was that she wanted people to be aware of the budget cut crisis not only in Oklahoma but all over the United States. She said that the recent budget cuts had severely affected Oklahoma’s education system.

What her third-grade students need

Danks also released a list of the things she needs for her class. She said in a post addressed to the people she knows in their area that she hopes people will donate or sell things to her at a very cheap price to help complete her list of supplies for the 2017-2018 School Year.

The primary things she asked for are crafty items such as egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, yarns, paper plates, straws, broken costume jewelry, beads, craft wire, plastic water bottles, plastic jugs, sewing needles, threads, buttons, fabric pieces, cotton balls, safety pins, stamp pads, stencils, felt board, and sandwich bags.

She also hoped that other items, which are not of great necessity, would be given to her class. These items are as follows: treasure box, hot burner, board games, card games, bean bag chair, yoga balls, protractors, a microscope, a small refrigerator, and a small microwave.

She is also hoping that people will donate for other students who are in classes from kindergarten to third grade. They reportedly need hand sanitizers, compositions books, and clothing.