A 10-year-old boy in Daytona Beach faced his fourth arrest for car theft in only six weeks. According to police, the boy has a lot of attitude and they call him “flashy.” What made it worse was that the boy cut off the ankle monitor he was wearing six hours after it was placed on him for his last theft, to steal yet another car.

Youngest vehicle thief in Daytona Beach

As reported by The Daytona-Beach News Journal, Juvenile car theft is not an unusual thing in Daytona Beach, but a 10-year-old committing multiple car thefts is considered pretty rare, according to police.

Capt. Jennifer Krosschell of the Daytona Beach Police says it turns out that the young Car Thief hangs around teenagers ranging from 15 to 16 years of age and while teens don’t usually mix with children as young as him, they let him join in with the vehicle thefts. She said he even looks his age and when they seized the latest stolen car, the driver’s seat was up almost against the steering wheel. When the boy was caught this time, he had removed the ankle monitor placed on him six hours before, related to his last theft, and had just gone out and done it again.

Young car thief with attitude

Sgt. Tim Ehrenkaufer has investigated the boy since his first arrest, saying that the boy was “flashy.” Ehrenkaufer said the boy’s attitude is not common with children his age.

The New York Post quoted the sergeant as saying the young car thief had a “look-at-me attitude.”

Four arrests for car theft in only six weeks

The unnamed boy’s first arrest for car theft was in June. He had driven the car to a Target store and police saw the vehicle via surveillance video and arrested the boy while he was still inside the store.

There were two other car thefts since that arrest, where he was one of six youngsters who were involved. One car was stolen from Azza Motors, and detectives later found seven sets of car keys on the juveniles, stolen from the same business. Each time, police used surveillance videos to track down the stolen cars.

Car theft becoming a trend with juveniles in Daytona Beach

According to Krosschell, the cars are stolen in various areas of the city, and she believes it is becoming a trend with juveniles. Ehrenkauger said when the 10-year-old was arrested for the previous theft, police placed an ankle monitor on him. It took the boy only six hours to cut it off and get involved with other car thieves, leading to the theft of yet another vehicle.