According to officials, the incident happened at the Ohio State Fair on Wednesday, when a row of seats detached from the “Fire BallAmusement Ride then crashed, killing one person and leaving seven other riders injured. According to Columbus Battalion Chief Steve Martin, of the seven surviving victims, five were still in a critical condition, including one 13-year-old child.

Video footage of the ‘Fire Ball’ shows seats detaching

Video footage taken of the incident shows the ride performs normally, before a row of seats suddenly detaches, throwing the passengers and their seats 20 feet into the air.

The New York Daily News quotes 40-year-old Justin Eckard, a visitor to the Ohio State Fair, who was enjoying a day out with his family, as saying the “Fire Ball” ride had gone into full swing when he saw the section of seats break off and plummet to the ground. According to Eckard, the seats that broke off crashed into an area nearby and that section was immediately closed as bystanders and riders began to panic. He said most of the people on the ride looked to be teenagers.

The following video shows the seats and injured riders on the ground - readers are warned of strong language and the footage may upset sensitive viewers.

Two cousins were almost on the ride, but changed their minds

The Chicago Tribune quotes cousins Travis and Mitch Taylor, both 18, as saying they went on the “Fire Ball” ride Wednesday night, shortly before the incident occurred.

They had been planning on going back on the ride, but decided to rather go for food. Travis told the Washington Post they saw people getting scared as it happened. He said it could easily have happened to them. Both cousins said it was their favorite ride and they had been riding it every year for the last eight years.

All surviving victims receiving medical treatment

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, authorities took three of the injured riders to the OhioHealth Grant Medical Center, where two victims were later released. However, a hospital spokesman said one is still in a critical condition. Four other victims of the accident were taken to the Wexner Medical Center.

According to Dr. David Evans, four of the patients are in intensive care and one was undergoing surgery. Dr. Evans quoted the ages as ranging from teenage to at least one patient being somewhere in their 60s.

Ohio Governor John Kasich ordered the fair rides closed down while new safety checks were performed. The Ohio State Fair was expected to run as normal Thursday. Kasich told the media he was “terribly saddened” by the accident, and that there would be mourning, but that he would be back at the fair.