It seems that many women followed the footsteps of celebrities who consume their own placenta in different forms. The placenta Pills are made from one’s own placenta but it led to an almost deadly experience for the Oregon mother’s newborn.

The neo-mom started to take her own placenta processed in form of pills three days after she gave birth back in September of 2016, three times a day. Soon after, the woman observed that the newborn showed difficulties in breathing just a few days after birth. Doctors at a hospital where they took the baby diagnosed the child with being infected by group B streptococcus.

This is a strain of bacteria that is present in people’s bodies but is dangerous to newborns. Some of the illnesses that the bacteria brings are meningitis, pneumonia, and sepsis. Newborns usually get infected because it was passed by the mother when they gave birth.

Baby suffers from the same infection the second time around

The first time that the baby was taken to the hospital and was found to be infected with group B Streptococcus he underwent an 11-day medication as antibiotics were given, and was then sent back home.

Five days later, the child was back in the emergency room and was found to have the same bacteria. Dr. Genevieve Buser told CNN that they found out the placenta pills also had the same bacteria.

It played a large role as to why the baby suffered from the same infection twice. Buser noted that the breast milk of the mother was tested and it came back negative for the bacteria. She added, "And when we discovered that the placenta had been encapsulated, we asked to test the dried placenta inside the capsules and that came back positive for group B strep."

Doctors also noted that the infection could have come from another relative but they strongly geared towards the fact that the placenta pills played a role in the infection of the baby.

Celebrities promote eating own placenta

One of the most prominent personalities in showbiz who openly promotes placenta pills is the wife of rapper Kanye West, Kim Kardashian. However, not all opt to convert their placenta to pills. Others choose to eat their placenta raw or have them blended as part of the smoothie.

Women who have been taking their own placenta in different forms have promoted that it increases energy levels and makes women recover from pregnancy at a faster rate.

There are no standards when making placenta pills and there have been no studies present to back these users’ claims. Companies that make placentas into pills test women for HIV, Aids, Lyme disease and syphilis before they proceed to make the pills.