It has been quite the week for Marijuana and Traffic Stops in Nashville, Tennessee. A 25-year-old mother, Carla Flores, was arrested by Metro Nashville police this week after 28 pounds of marijuana and two handguns were found in the vehicle in which she was traveling with her young child. Her 26-year-old boyfriend, who had a criminal record, was also taken into custody during the traffic stop. In a further, separate incident, 691 pounds of marijuana was seized.

Woman and boyfriend arrested for marijuana and handguns

As reported by Fox 17 News Nashville, it all started when East Precinct traffic officers noted that 26-year-old Dhargham Ateia – who is Flores' boyfriend and the father of her child – was driving a 2017 Nissan Altima without a seat belt in Nashville.

That car was later found to be a rental vehicle. Ateia was reportedly following his girlfriend, Flores, who was driving a white Mercedes car.

Both vehicles stop in front of a Nashville apartment

After both vehicles stopped in front of an apartment building on the 800 block of Boscobel Street in Nashville, East Precinct officers initiated a traffic stop and searched Ateia’s Nissan Altima car. Officers immediately noticed a strong smell of marijuana emanating from the vehicle. In the process of searching the vehicle, they discovered 30 grams of marijuana, along with $1,150 in cash and two loaded Glock handguns. Ateia was also in possession of a key fob for the Mercedes car.

Officers search the woman's Mercedes finding more marijuana

The officers then turned to Flores, who had exited the Mercedes and had entered the apartment building. On catching up with Flores, she then consented to allow them search her vehicle.

In the trunk of the Mercedes, police uncovered a duffel bag containing a further 28 pounds of marijuana, $22,080 in cash and four more firearms. Police estimate the street value of the marijuana alone as being $100,000. On checking the serial numbers o the weapons, police discovered one of the firearms had been reported as stolen in the state of Tennessee.

It was further found that Ateia was driving the Altima on a revoked Tennessee driver’s license.

As reported by the Tennessean, both Flores and Ateia were taken into custody and booked at the Davidson County jail on felony firearm possession charges, theft and possession of marijuana. Both parties are being held under a bond of $75,000 each. Flores’ child was later released to a family member. According to police, Ateia is a known convicted felon.

691 pounds of marijuana seized in separate traffic stop

Fox 17 recently reported on a further story relating to Nashville and marijuana. In that case the Tennessee Highway Patrol conducted a traffic stop last Sunday in Dickson County. During the traffic stop officers seized 691 pounds of marijuana.

The vehicle in question was reportedly towing another vehicle on a trailer when officers made the traffic stop.

According to troopers, the driver, Jorge Gusman, appeared nervous and while officers checked the VIN number of vehicle, Gusman took off, attempting to flee the scene. After officers captured Gusman he consented to a vehicle search, which uncovered 28 bales of marijuana with a total weight of 691 pounds, hidden under blankets in the vehicle. The driver was arrested and taken to Dickson County Jail in lieu of a $105,000 bond.