On the day of a father's funeral, the Mother gave birth to twins and died. She already had a one-year-old daughter. That leaves three small children orphaned. Family members and friends have rallied around the children to raise funds for them in this unfortunate situation.

What happened?

On July 11, the tragic events started when Jevaughn Suckoo, 26, was fatally shot in his West Palm Beach, Florida apartment complex. The assailants who killed him are still unknown as well as the reason for the shooting. Three days later on the day of his funeral, his girlfriend Stephanie Caceres went into labor and gave birth to Twins on July 14.

She developed an infection from the C-section and was in intensive care for 10 days before she died on July 26.

Help for the children

The 27-year-old mother had been an office worker for four years at Juan E. Batista Pediatrics. Last week, co-workers and people in the community gathered in front of the facility and gave donations to help the children, according to the Palm Beach Post. At the charity drive, the father's aunt said the family is just trying to decide how to move on from these two tragedies that affected three young children that will never know their parents as they grow up.

Since the tragedies, the deceased mother's manager, Lina Niemczyk, set up a GoFundMe page. At first, the goal was set for $50,000.

Within a day, it had reached $33,000. Then the goal was changed to $100,000 after consideration was given that it was not one child but three children involved. In just two days, $96,096 had been raised for the care of the three little ones. The children are now in the custody of their grandparents. Niemczyk has been in contact with them to discuss how the funds will be used.

In addition to taking care of their daily needs, a trust will be set up and managed according to state and federal laws.

So far, those in the community have donated things other than money. Within 48 hours of the mother's death donations were delivered to Stephanie's place of employment. They have since been delivered to the children.

Items include toys, clothing, strollers, formula, wipes, diapers and other items that newborns need.

The community realizes that the children will need help as they continue to grow; therefore, people have indicated that they will offer as much assistance as they can to help the grandparents out with the one-year-old daughter and the newborn twins.