We don't usually see Lindsay Lohan making the headlines lately, and that's probably for the better. Most of the star's previous media exposure was because of some controversy that she has been involved in some way in a given week. It's nice to see that she cleaned up her act, and with her humanitarian efforts, she sure has come a long way from being a misunderstood teenager.

However, with an unexpected tweet, Lindsay made news again, this time for expressing her support for U.S President Donald trump.

Lindsay's tweet was obviously not well-received

Her tweet was a response to an article that shows Trump helping Charlie Gard, a British baby who was known to be terminally ill.

In it, Lohan said, "THIS is our president." She then asked people to "stop bullying" Trump and that the American people should start trusting him. She ended the tweet by personally thanking the people "for supporting the USA."

The tweet Lohan responded to was in defense of Trump. See, the president recently had a feud with major news outlet CNN, and there was even a video showing the president tackling the CNN logo. The original tweet cites the article to show the "crybabies" who "whine" that the President does what "a real POTUS and man does."

Granted, Lindsay Lohan's reply was not out of place; the intention was good — "stop bullying Trump." After all, it was also Lohan that said, "As an American, why to speak poorly of anyone?" (referring to the Trump family).

However, given the events of the past months, it sure seemed like Trump was the one who is doing all the bullying.

Needless to say, Lohan's tweet was not well-received. Some thought she was hacked. Those who thought that she wasn't hacked thought she should be "ashamed of herself" for "enabling" the President's behavior.

Some thought that the tweet, and Lindsay's Twitter timeline in general, is "really bizarre."

Lindsay Lohan expresses praise for Trump family; refuses to lash back on former banter

In addition to this, NY Daily News reported that not only did Lohan support Trump's presidency; she also praised the whole of Trump's family.

She said that Donald, Melania, Ivanka, and Donald Jr. were "kind people."

It's also kind of weird for Lindsay to tweet those things, as Trump himself has expressed some inappropriate things regarding Lohan. In an interview with Howard Stern back when Trump was still hosting "The Apprentice," the president alluded to how Lohan was "deeply troubled," and therefore "great in bed" (Lohan was 18 years old at the time).

When a radio host in Australia reminded Lohan of this fact, she simply replied: "I wish him the best." At least she's firm in her belief in not lashing back. " Taking someone else down is never the answer," the actress said.