A couple of young boys, aged 2 and 5, made up their minds they wanted to visit their grandfather, so they found the spare keys to their Mother’s car and off they went.

Two young boys decided to drive to granddad’s house

When two young brothers decided to visit their granddad, they knew exactly where their mother kept her spare set of keys for the 2005 Ford Focus, and they both knew the way to their grandfather’s house, around seven miles from their home. While they had never had driving lessons, they had closely watched their mother and had a pretty good idea what to do.

The road the boys navigated is pictured in the tweet below.

According to CNN, the five-year-old boy handled the brake and gas pedals, while his two-year-old sibling took control of the steering wheel. They drove off on a three-mile joyride along a winding road which took them halfway to their grandfather’s house, managing to navigate an intersection and even a right-hand turn along the way. However, their joyride ended after they veered off the road and hit an embankment. Luckily neither of the boys was injured in the accident, although the car was slightly damaged.

Police called to the scene of the boys’ accident

As they had crashed in a residential neighborhood, residents had witnessed their accident and called the police. When officers arrived at the scene of the crash, the boys took them back to their home, where their mother was reportedly surprised to see them, as she hadn’t noticed they, and her car, were missing.

According to WSAZ, she believed the boys were playing in the front yard.

According to Sharlene Wiseman, the owner of the apartments where the family lives in Red House, the family is no longer welcome to live there after the incident, going on to cite general safety concerns and personal tragedy.

Wiseman explained that some years before her son had been lost in a motorcycle accident and she didn’t want any other children to also be at risk. She told WSAZ that she has family living in the apartments and other tenants. She said their children play outside the apartments and would not be expecting something like a runaway car arriving on the scene.

Now Steve Deweese, the Putnam County Sheriff, is working together with Child Protective Services in an effort to understand why the siblings' mother didn’t notice the boys were missing long enough for them to drive three miles. Deweese said there is a gap in the timeline they are trying to fill in to establish how long the two boys were unattended.