The “Sorry” singer’s Chinese fans were eager to see him perform in china again after he was banned from coming into the country because of “Bad Behavior.” Selena Gomez’ ex-boyfriend became a performer “non grata.”

According to a statement from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture, Justin Bieber made repeated unacceptable acts like drunken drag racing in a yellow Lamborghini. The bureau added that although he is a gifted singer, he is a notorious police defiant.

Justin Bieber not allowed to perform in China

In his 2013 tour, his bodyguards carrying him up on the Great Wall was not acceptable to the Chinese.

The conservative Chinese has been banning other performers from entering the country based on political and not behavioral reason. The bureau did not disclose the exact behavior that had caused Bieber to be prohibited in coming into China. It has decided to ban Justin Bieber in order to purify its performing arts.

A fan of the 23-year-old singer asked for a detailed explanation about the ban. The Bureau of Culture stated that the ban is only temporary and will be lifted if he cleans up his act according to the Huffington Post. The "Baby" hit maker performed in the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan and his Chinese fans felt bad missing his famous “Purpose” tour.

It cannot be denied that many times Sofia Richie’s ex-boyfriend has been headlined for misbehaving.

Many did not understanding his strange behavior. But now the young singer was reported to have a change of life. He is now professing to be a believer of Jesus which means that he is now a renewed person as reported by Beliefnet.

Justin Bieber is now a changed man

However, Bieber has a lot to prove to the Chinese bureau regarding his behavior.

His years of living a misdirected life have created a bad impression of him for the world. Lately, Bieber is singing about second chances in his latest songs. This is what he needs right now – people willing to give him second chances.

Jeremy Bieber’s son was overwhelmed with his fast rise to fame. At his young age and for lack of proper guidance, he got entangled and became delirious of the sweet taste of pride brought by fame.

He came to a point that even obsessed fans coming near him ended up being physically hurt by the singer. The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture is willing to lift the ban on Justin Bieber because they believe that as he grows older he will learn wisdom.