A cop in Indiana was killed when aiding victims at a Car Crash site. Officer Aaron Allan responded to reports of a car accident on a busy Indianapolis street and made his way to the location. He got out of his car and walked toward the overturned car, which was involved in the crash. The 38-year-old saw two men who were inside the vehicle and were still strapped to their seats.

Another officer, C T Bowman had also responded to the reports of the same car crash and reached the location along with Allan. According to him, Allan was asking the man in the overturned car to calm down and that he was calling for help.

What followed?

While the officer was helping the victims, Bowman was speaking to a lady who had witnessed the entire incident. It was then when he heard 10 to 12 gun shots being fired, as well as an additional 2 or 4 shots. Bowman saw that one of the men had fatally shot Allan while he was trying to help him out. The former responded by shooting one of the men who had apparently shot his colleague.

Who is the accused?

Jason Brown, the 28-year-old accused, has been arrested on preliminary charges of murdering Aaron Allan. The reason for committing the crime is yet to be determined by the authorities. Brown has also been charged with possession of marijuana.

Both the men who were present in the car were admitted to a medical center to treat their non-life threatening injuries, which were sustained due to the car crash.

The man who was shot by Bowman hasn’t got any grave injuries. It is not yet clear if Brown was the man who was shot by Bowman or it was the other passenger.

Southport Police has taken the testimony of the passenger who saw the whole incident and let her go. Brown has been asked to stay in police custody without a bond until the next court hearing.

The authorities expect to file proper charges of murder against the accused.

People pay their respects to slain cop

Allan was one of the most celebrated officers of Southport Police department and was awarded for saving two lives in 2016. His fellow officers fondly remember him as someone who was always ready to help and protect people.

He had experience of 20 years in the department along with five years of community work. Alan is survived by his wife and two sons.

The murdered cop’s patrol SUV is parked outside Southport’s Police station where residents can drop flower bouquets or notes to pay their respects to the slain Indiana police officer.