Joel Colindres, an immigrant of Guatemala fled his country in 2004 in order to escape drug trafficking and death of his home after one of his family member was murdered. He entered the US through the border in Texas and decided to turn himself in to the officials and was released in the US on a provisional waiver.

How has life been for Joel in the U.S.?

He found himself a job as a skilled worker and has been with the same company for the past twelve years. In 2010 he met his wife Samantha who is a U.S. citizen and decided to start a new life with her.

They are now bringing up two beautiful children, a 6-year-old son and a 2-year-old daughter at their home in New Fairfield.

Joel says that US has been the ideal refuge, which helped him build up a life for himself with his family away from the violence of his own country. He pays his taxes and abides by the law of the land like a good citizen. But, this doesn’t seem to be enough for President Donald Trump as many immigrants, like Joel, face the threat of deportation from US because of the tough immigration policies that Trump has put into action.

Stopping illegal immigration and deporting those who have found a place in the U.S. illegally was one of the main themes of Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign.

Ever since he took control of the office he has passed laws which pose a threat to a number of illegal immigrants for deportation.

Harsh criticism of Donald Trump’s laws against illegal immigrants

These harsh policies by Donald Trump have been majorly criticized by the members and spokespersons of the Democratic Party. They believe that such strict policies should only be used against illegal immigrants who disharmonize the flow of lifestyle for the country through their criminal acts.

There are so many other immigrants who have a clear criminal record, who pay taxes, have built up a home and are bringing up their children in the country. These people have families and have people who depend on them for their set of skills at work.

Colindres is being largely supported by the people who are pleading at the courthouse to let him stay in Connecticut while he continues to apply for his U.S.

citizenship. His most recent plea to delay the deportation was rejected by the courthouse and he is expected to leave the country before August 17th 2017. He was asked to present the purchased plane ticket back to Guatemala before July 27th 2017.

Another immigrant like Joel, Nury Chavarria who is a single mother has taken sanctuary in a church in Connecticut along with her four children to avoid deportation. Her eldest son who is 21-years-old suffers from cerebral palsy. There are thousands like Nury and Joel who are facing the same problem even after doing what they were asked to do. Democratic Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal thinks that the immigration policies should be enforced, but with discretion.