Life is never boring with Elon Musk at the helm of some of America’s most exciting companies and it seems that trend is set to continue with the South Africa-born entrepreneur announcing that the first set of Model 3s cars from his company Tesla would come out on this Friday just passed.

First batch of cars

The past couple of weeks have been really great for Musk, as he oversaw his company SpaceX do a record-breaking doubleheader rocket launch for his Falcon-9 and considerable progress was made by “The Boring Company” with their tunnel-digging project in Los Angeles.

However, he reserved the most exciting news for the over 400,000 customers who had pre-booked the Tesla Model 3, revealing in a series of tweets that the SN1(serial number 1) has passed all safety and regularity tests and will start shipping by the end of this week.

Automation of the production process

It is not a big secret that Elon is a fan of robots and that he tends to use them whenever possible. Tesla, just like his other companies will make use of ever-increasing robot intelligence to make the production of cars cheaper, safer and faster. Phys Org News wrote that "The Model 3 is to start around $35,000 and with a $7,500 federal electric car tax credit, could cost $27,500. Tesla says the five-seat car will be able to go 215 miles (346 kilometers) on a single charge and will be sporty, accelerating from zero to 60 miles per hour in under six seconds."

Musk noted on a Twitter thread that he expects production to increase exponentially and that they expect to have 100 cars by the end of August and 1,500 by the end of September.

If all goes well, Tesla expects to make 20,000 Model 3 cars every month by December this year.

Considering the colossal number of pre-orders the company received, it makes sense that they would depend on machines to make the production process faster and better. Tesla has significantly multiplied its capabilities and uses “an alien dreadnaught of Kuka robots,” to ensure his plant's efficiency.according the Daily Mail who quoted Musk back in April.

These robots, which were made by German company Kuka Robotics are responsible for various key jobs on the Assembly Line, namely: spot welding, laser welding, handling and loading materials, and so on and so forth.

Dazzling features of the new model

The company, which only recently overtook Ford as the fourth largest automobile market-share holder in the world, has spent over 50 million US Dollars on the development of this new line of cars.

The Model 3 is Tesla’s cheapest car yet with basic versions of the car starting from 35,000 dollars only. They look just as suave though and will feature the latest self-driving Autopilot software update, unique display system, and Tesla’s patented solar roof technology.