First Son Barron Trump is shielded from most aspects of his father's presidency, but was mentioned in an early morning tweet by his father. The Russian probe has turned Washington, D.C. upside down and the flurry of insanity has pushed Donald Trump over the edge in some respects. He's mad about the scrutiny he's placed under and directed his fury at investigators by spewing that the "witch hunt" could turn to his youngest son.

President mocks Russian probe

When the president posted a new message to his Twitter account in the early AM, when he's known to do so, he praised Jared Kushner's performance denying any collusion with the Russians during the presidential campaign.

Trump also took a swipe at those trying to find evidence of collusion in his tweet.

"Jared Kushner did very well yesterday in proving he did not collude with the Russians. Witch Hunt. Next up, 11 year old Barron Trump!," the president tweeted.

The president recognizes that a number of figures serving in his administration have been of interest to the FBI over the Russian scandal, which prompts him to refer to all of it as a "witch hunt." It's a term he throws out there when he perceives the investigation as a personal affront.

Ivanka Trump hasn't been called out in the Russian investigation, but there are reports that intel officials may question the authenticity of her government disclosure forms. Jared Kushner revised his three times, as foreign contacts -- especially those involving the Russians -- are brought to light.

Melania may not like the president using his son in his Twitter rants

On pure speculation, this might be a tweet that Melania Trump isn't too thrilled about her husband posting. If there's one thing she makes a priority, it's protecting Barron Trump. It wouldn't be at all surprising if she frowns on the president using their son for sarcastic purposes.

She hasn't stepped up her advocacy on cyber bullying and it's unknown if she's going to take any of that on. There was the notion that after Melania moved to the White House, it might have had a calming effect on Trump, but it hasn't made much difference in terms of his social media habits. He's been as erratic as ever trying to pressure Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign and skewering both Democrats and Republicans over their lack of coming together on the health care bill.

Are you surprised that the president called out his own son in his sarcastic rant about the Russian probe? It's safe to say that Barron Trump won't be part of the investigation.