A 40-year-oldd Australian woman, Justine Damond was shot dead on the weekend by police officers in the small city of Fulton, after a 911 call was made.

Minnesota newspapers have noted that the Australian woman was in her pyjamas as she walked over to a police vehicle and spoke to an officer through the right hand side window. It was alleged that she was speaking with the officer through the window when the officer in the passenger seat pulled out his gun and open fired. Local newspapers have also come out to say that Justine was the one who had called 911 about a disturbance that sounded like an assault, coming from a nearby alleyway.

Stepson's plea

Overnight, a video emerged of Justine’s stepson, 22-year-old Zach Damond as he recounted what happened on the Saturday night of her death. Zach proceeded to recount what had happened, and then went on to say that she was a beautiful, powerful and passionate woman; and that he doesn’t know why they had to take his best friends life. He then demanded for this type of violence to stop by saying that "America sucks" and he is done with how authority is treating their civilians.

What about the body cameras?

It is rule of thumb for officers to always wear body cameras before heading into a dispute, but unfortunately for Justine’s case, the cameras on both of the officers were not on at the time of the shooting.

Police have confirmed that there were no body cameras turned on at the time which have led investigators to question whether there was any footage that existed at all.

Justine Damond was also known by her name Justine Ruszczyk. She was close to getting married next month to her fiancé, which is why she had moved to the United States.

Friends and family pay tribute

As a successful veterinarian and yoga coach in Sydney, Justine was known by many people, which meant that lots of Friends And Family who knew her have paid tribute on social media. She has been described as an incredible and beautiful woman, who had so much passion and love in her heart - and that it is truly heartbreaking to see someone so full of life have their life taken away from them for no reason at all.

In the area where she was shot, local Family And Friends have come together in memory of Justine by writing messages of support in chalk on the walkway.

It is an extremely tough time for Justine's family and friends as they have to grieve the loss of such a wonderful woman. It has been confirmed that some assistance has been provided to the Australian family over this terrible matter.