Apple celebrates World Emoji Day with no less than a parade of new emojis which includes pieces that pay tribute to culture, religion, and feminism. Apple’s new set of emojis aims to help users celebrate and express diversity and uniqueness with a twist of excitement and fun. The tech giant ups the celebration by announcing plans of making new emojis available to macOS, and watchOS later this year.

Apple releases exciting set of new emojis

About seventy new emoji symbols were approved earlier this year. And in time for the celebration of the World Emoji Day, Apple unveils its first batch of emoji character interpretations.

The new set of exciting emojis includes cute animals such as the zebra. The collection also contains mythical creatures like a giant T-rex, a creepy zombie, a cute elf, and a magical genie who just came out of his magic bottle. Classic food items such as a yummy sandwich and a refreshing coconut come with the set as well.

Apple’s new emojis also serve as a tribute to cultural diversity and feminism. Among the new characters are a woman wearing a hijab and a bearded man, instantly associated with the Islam religion. A character also depicted a woman breastfeeding a baby.

Upgrades of the existing emojis were also included such as the new puking face, a smiley face with star eyes commonly referred to as the “star struck” emoji and an "exploding head" which can be the perfect character to click when someone says something mind blowing.

Apple rides the Game of Thrones season 7 hype

Excitement all over the world skyrocketed as the much awaited season 7 of the hit series Game of Thrones aired last night. Apparently, the geeks of Apple were paying attention. Among the new emoji characters, Apple also launched their very own Khaleesi character. The unburnt mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen is now a cute emoji.

Apple takes its World Emoji Day celebration to its App Store. The tech giant is currently featuring emoji inspired themes and highlighting several of emoji-themed apps in their store. These apps have been made available for download. One of the featured apps is Emojily, which helps users create their emoji characters. The store also highlights the Swiftmoji-Emoji Keyboard which helps users locate the perfect emoji character.

Credits for the emoji-hype should be given to Unicode Consortium, a non-profit group who sets the global standard for emoji and text characters and develops new symbols for users.