A Delta Air Lines flight has been forced to turn back after a "security incident" erupted in the middle of its journey. According to reports, a yet to be named passenger apparently tried to force his way into the cockpit, which then resulted in an altercation between the man, the flight crew, and other passengers.

On-board ruckus

The large twin-aisle Boeing 767-300ER aircraft was on its way to Beijing from Seattle. Delta Flight 129 departed from the Seattle–Tacoma International Airport at approximately 5:24 p.m. local time. According to statements from passengers, a man who was sitting in first class apparently assaulted a flight attendant on board 45 minutes after the flight had departed.

Other reports have claimed that the man was trying to make his way into the cockpit, but was stopped by attendants. The altercation resulted in some of other passengers joining in to try and subdue the man. A number of passengers and flight crew members were finally able to restrain the man.

Injured passengers

Due to the incident, the flight was forced to turn back as it was soaring over the Canadian West Coast. Delta flight 129 finally touched down back at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport at around 7:40 p.m. with a Department of Defense fighter jet escort. The passenger that started the trouble was removed from the flight and was then arrested by local law enforcement officers. According to airport officials, at least two people were injured during the ruckus, which includes one flight attendant and a passenger.

They were immediately taken to the hospital for medical care.

Developing story

As of the moment, airport officials have not yet revealed the identity of the man that attempted to enter the cockpit. The Federal Aviation Administration has also not yet released any details and only mentioned that the flight was able to land back in Seattle without incident.

The FAA then told the press to refer their questions to local law enforcement. On the other hand, the FBI is currently investigating the matter and is in the process of interviewing the passenger.

The agency also assured everyone that they don't have any information to suggest a possible national security threat. There is also no information if the attack was connected to terrorism. Other passengers on the flight were asked to wait, but the plane was scheduled to continue on its way to Beijing later in the evening.